Greek wines

Greece as a wine producing country currently represents a very small percentage of the world market, but its historical contribution is enormous. It is the place where wine is first integrated into the culture of a place and acquires a central role.

The earliest evidence of Greek wine dates back to 6,500 years ago, while it spread throughout the world through the Greek colonies.

It is no coincidence that almost all the countries of the world refer to wine with its Greek word – oeno (vino, vin, wine).

In ancient times, as the wine trade expanded, it was transported from one end of the Mediterranean to the other. Greek wine had a particularly high prestige in Italy during the Roman Empire. In the medieval period, wines exported from Crete, Monemvasia and other Greek ports got high prices even in Northern Europe.

Drunky Goat is a place where you will enjoy ancient and modern wine varieties and get to know their stories, behind carefully selected Greek labels. Our aim is to bring Greek wines back to the fore.

We have selected the most important Greek varieties and linked them to the region of Greece in which they were born or revived. 

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